Anna Oldham

CrossFit Coach
Anna Oldham


“Hello! I’m Coach Anna at the glorious Soy City CrossFit! I have been enjoying CrossFit since 2017. I took a break from CrossFit previously due to not feeling as though I was getting the best training I could get. Luckily in 2021, I found Soy City CrossFit and regained my love of fitness. Not only is CrossFit versatile, but all of our workouts are written out for you. This is only one of many perks at Soy City.

Not only did I regain my fitness love, I also actually gained confidence and a new family. I’m not from here, so meeting everyone at the gym was a huge comfort. The support in life and gym events is unbelievable. This is only a small reason to love Soy City and CrossFit in general.

When I’m not at the gym or in bed, I’m out trying to save the world. I’ll let you guess what job that could be. On top of saving what can or cannot be saved, I have four crazy dogs and am lucky enough to share a home with my best friend.”

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